Moving into an assisted living community for the first time can be a bit overwhelming for you and your family. There are many details to sort out, but feeling confident about your move is important for a successful transition. After finding the right assisted living in Casper WY these tips can help you feel comfortable with your move.

It may seem like a no-brainer to suddenly get rid of a lot of the belongings that have been in your home for years. Your first instinct may be to give it away in a rush but plan your time out so you have time to sell and divide out things you don’t want to take with you to your new apartment. Figure out what will be sold, donated to charity, given away to friends or others you know who might need what you’re giving away, and what to keep. Give yourself time to figure all this out. Trying to rush will likely bring unwanted stress.

Have a plan for move-in day. It’s an exciting time! Senior living in Casper WY comes with a large bathroom, walk-in showers, a kitchenette, and basic cable and internet wiring. You’ll need to bring your own furniture, which is a great experience since you get total control over how you decorate and can truly carve out a space that feels like home.

Make sure you have necessities like toiletries, coffee pot and supplies, and dishes in easy to access boxes or suitcases as you move in. Have a trusted friend or family member oversee your move and direct movers so you can focus on transitioning into a living space.

Decorate to your heart’s content! Making a space your own will help you feel cozy and relaxed. The possibilities of making your new home at Mountain Plaza Assisted Living are endless!