Recognizing Dementia: An Essential Guide from Mountain Plaza Assisted Living


Navigating the senior living journey isn’t always straightforward. But in the beautiful heart of Casper, WY, Mountain Plaza Assisted Living is committed to helping families find their way. Our expertise in memory care sets us apart, allowing us to offer invaluable insights on conditions like dementia. Here, we’ve cultivated a comprehensive checklist to help you identify its early signs. 


A common initial symptom is memory loss. If you’ve noticed your loved one often forgetting recent events, conversations, or activities, it could be an early warning sign of dementia. Alongside memory loss, there can also be noticeable difficulty concentrating. Tasks, conversations, or activities that once engaged your loved one may now seem overly challenging or hard to focus on.


Problem-solving can become difficult. Tasks that previously seemed second nature may suddenly present as stumbling blocks. In addition, familiarity with places can crumble; it’s not unusual for someone developing dementia to get lost in a place they’ve known for years. 


Closely tied to this is disorientation of time and place. Struggling to remember dates, appointments, or where they currently are could indicate a developing problem. Distinct changes in personality or mood can also hint towards this illness. Loved ones may suddenly exhibit behaviors or emotions unusual for their character. 


The words we’re used to connecting naturally may start to jumble for someone with early dementia. Struggling to find the right words or express their thoughts can be an indicator. In line with cognitive challenges, poor judgment may come into play, with difficulty making decisions or uncharacteristically poor choices made more frequently. 


Lastly, noticeable changes in personal hygiene could be an early symptom. Basic tasks such as bathing or brushing teeth may become challenging for your loved one. 


Recognizing these signs is not about diagnosing your loved one, but rather about ensuring they get the appropriate care they need at the right time. By understanding these early signs of dementia, you enable a proactive response, connecting your loved one with the necessary professional medical attention.


At Mountain Plaza Assisted Living, part of our specialized memory care service exists to support families navigating through these challenges. By welcoming your loved one into our community, we aim to provide them with the comprehensive care and support they need to continue living rich and meaningful lives. 


Reach out to us today and let us help shape your loved one’s senior living journey.