Adapt conventional holiday activities to suit your senior loved one’s needs this year to ensure a happy, safe, and stress-free holiday for them. The key to everyone having a wonderful time this 4th of July is relaxation. When celebrating with a senior loved one, here are some activity suggestions for your family to consider.

Many seniors enjoy being outside in the sunshine. If the weather permits, spend some time outside with your older loved one. Keep an eye on the temperature to ensure that your outside activities are suitable for seniors.

If it’s really hot outside, make sure everyone keeps hydrated by drinking plenty of water. They should also take a break from time to time to rest inside in the air conditioning or in the shade under a good tree. Make sure everyone is dressed appropriately for the weather, such as wearing light-colored, loose-fitting, breathable clothing, sunscreen, and bug spray. Provide comfy chairs and close-by restrooms. 

Many seniors are unable to leave their residences or walk outside in the summer heat, so why not bring the holiday celebration to them? Take advantage of the air conditioning by participating in some exciting activities, such as: 

Red, White & Blue Crafts

Create patriotic themed crafts by assembling red, white, and blue pinwheels, magnets, cards, or handprint art around a table loaded with craft supplies. You can paint, sketch, cut, and glue whatever craft ideas you like. 

Bring Out a Classic Board Game

Play a game together with some vintage board games or a deck of cards. Allow your senior loved one to choose a board game from their youth or teach you a card game that you haven’t learnt before. 

Watch the Fireworks on TV

Once the sun goes down, most local news stations will broadcast live local fireworks displays. Look through your television guide or channel listings until you discover a fireworks event that you enjoy. 

Seniors need social activities to keep their physical and mental health in check. Whatever you do on Independence Day, sharing the event with the seniors in your life can make it a memorable occasion for all. 


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