From Crafts to Cards: Creating Thanksgiving Memories with Grandkids



It’s that time of year again – Thanksgiving! This year, why not include your grandkids in your Thanksgiving plans? This holiday is a great opportunity for quality family time and making cherished memories. And what better way to do that than to take part in some fun Thanksgiving activities with your grandkids. 


Here are four activities that your whole family can enjoy!


  1. Cook a Thanksgiving feast. Have your grandkids help you in the kitchen by having them peel potatoes or vegetables, set places at the table, or help stir up a traditional holiday meal. A helpful tip is to have them take part in a few simple recipes that don’t require much supervision such as homemade cranberry sauce or apple pie.


  1. Play a family game. Choose a classic game such as charades, bingo, cornhole, or trivia (there are plenty of Thanksgiving-themed trivia games online for you to make a choice from). Assign ‘teams for two’ and award some Thanksgiving-themed gift for the winner. 


  1. Have a craft day. Introduce your grandkids to some fun crafts they can do with help from you. You can make Thanksgiving cards with glued dried leaves or make wreaths or small pumpkins out of construction paper. 


  1. Start a tradition of writing letters to family members. Gather up the family and spend some time together writing thank-you letters – and even draw gratitude trees or handmade pictures with heartfelt words. This will serve as a reminder to appreciate all aspects of life.


These activities not only keep everyone engaged but also are plenty of fun and give you the opportunity to reconnect with your grandkids.


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