Tips for Brighter Smiles in Your Golden Years


Brighter Smiles in Your Golden Years

As we age gracefully, nestled in the warm, comforting ambiance of a senior living community like Mountain Plaza Assisted Living, attention to your dental health begins to merit greater vigilance, being susceptible to decay and disease. Regular oral hygiene is critical for overall wellness, and we, at Mountain Plaza, comprehend the special importance it holds for seniors.


Working along with the warmth and care in the heart of our community, we have curated key strategies to empower our senior family in maintaining a sparkling, healthy smile in their golden years.


Primarily, regular dentist visits are crucial. As part of our senior living community programs, we encourage residents to schedule routine dental consultations to ensure proactive dental attention and preventive care. These periodic dental checkups double as preemptive scrutiny, highlighting issues needing instant attention.


Secondly, upholding a regular brushing and flossing regime is vital to preclude tooth decay and disease. Our recommendation? Brush twice daily and floss once – the simple path to a brighter smile! Concerned about reaching those far-off corners? Trust the electric toothbrushes and efficient water flossers – they could be your pals in maintaining dental hygiene!


Mouthwash is more than just an agent to keep unpleasant breath at bay. An antimicrobial mouthwash reduces plaque and bacteria, preventing gum diseases and aiding the overall oral-health crusade. 


Lastly, resist the allure of sugary indulgences! Your teeth might not be fond of those candies and soda as much as your taste buds are. Substituting these with healthier replacements like fruits and vegetables doesn’t only hold a gorgeously green appeal, but also provides a tall blessing for your dental framework.


At Mountain Plaza Assisted Living, our continued emphasis on oral hygiene ensures that our residents can flash their radiant smiles, as gleaming as their golden years. By embracing these strategies crafted with care, we aim to ensure our resilient seniors enjoy a worry-free life with a refreshingly resilient dental health!


At Mountain Plaza Assisted Living, our staff are passionately committed to promoting a lifestyle blending health, well-being, and all-around joy! Contact us today to discover what makes our community truly exceptional.