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Today, many senior communities welcome the presence of four-legged residents. If you are considering relocating a loved one to an assisted living community, they may be concerned about what will happen to their beloved dog or cat. The good news is that they won’t have to say goodbye when they relocate. At Mountain Plaza Assisted Living, there are numerous benefits to having a pet, including the following:


Reduce the Anxiety of Moving to a New Place

Many seniors are afraid of moving into a new environment because they fear losing their independence and sense of self. Having a pet can alleviate anxiety and serve as a dependable constant for people undergoing change.


Taking Care of a Pet Provides Daily Routine

Seniors are no different from anyone else in having routines that keep them grounded. Even though relocating to an assisted living community can be difficult, having a pet to look after gives seniors more structure and gives their days meaning. Taking care of a pet is a wonderful addition to a daily schedule.


Therapy Dogs Can Brighten the Days of Memory Care Residents

Therapy dogs are frequently used in memory care communities to relieve stress, bring joy, and comfort to dementia patients. Therapy dogs are renowned for their serene, kind dispositions and gentle interactions with residents; occasionally, they will even go for walks together. They can also alert someone if a resident needs assistance, as they are taught to recognize signs of distress.


Pets Ensure Consistency in Your Life

Even if you make every effort, there will inevitably be times when you are unable to consistently visit your loved one who lives in an assisted living community. Owning a pet provides your loved one with a dependable constant and can significantly enhance their quality of life.



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