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With the approaching holiday season, there are many chances to transform ordinary days in your assisted living community into festive experiences. Consider the entire month of November in Wyoming as a month-long Thanksgiving celebration with regular themed events strewn about. Everyone in your community will have plenty of motivation to reflect on all that has been positive in their lives, both past and present, if they participate in the preparation and decorating for the big day.


Here are a few simple strategies for getting ready for the holidays while spending time with loved ones.


Create a Thankful Tree

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on and express your greatest gratitude. By erecting a thankful tree in one of your community’s common areas where residents can hang notes expressing their gratitude, you can kick off that portion of the celebration early. You can take the notes down and distribute them to everyone on Thanksgiving Day.


Put Your Creative Abilities to Use

Crafts and DIY projects are great for seniors. Whether they want to decorate their own assisted living residence in Casper WY or the common areas, or they want to create a gift for a loved one, Thanksgiving decorations can be made in a wide variety of ways. They can also help seniors with their fine motor skills and inspire them to express their creativity.


Arrange Family Photographs

Family portraits can be taken in the fall when everyone is present. Organizing a family photo together is a great way to make this Thanksgiving one that everyone will remember. Since a picture speaks a thousand words, seniors will undoubtedly appreciate having lovely, professional family portraits that they can treasure.


Make Place Cards for Thanksgiving

Invite your crafty neighbors to help you create some adorable turkey place cards for everyone who will be attending the Thanksgiving meal in advance of the big day. Apples, almonds, and peanuts are a few readily available ingredients that can be used to make these.


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