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Whether you’re worried about yourself or a loved one, it’s crucial to be aware of the symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease and forms of dementia to facilitate a prompt diagnosis. The most common early warning signs of dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease, are listed below.


Memory Issues

Often, dementia starts off as something that seems like simple forgetfulness. There may be no immediate concern if a name is misplaced here or an appointment is missed there. However, if you observe a trend of memory loss, particularly if it involves forgotten appointments or bills, it may be time to schedule a professional evaluation.


Problems with Judgment and Reasoning

Having trouble thinking or being frequently confused can be a warning sign for any endeavor, whether it be planning a party or learning a new skill at work. Driving ability might be impacted by issues with judgment. Early indicators of dementia development include frequently getting into accidents, having dents and scrapes on the car, or getting lost on familiar routes.


Changes in Personal Hygiene and Daily Tasks

If your loved one has a history of poor hygiene and housekeeping, this is probably not going to alter as they age. However, a notable change in how they take showers, maintain their personal hygiene, or handle home tasks may be a sign of dementia. If they can no longer handle the daily tasks they once could, assisted living in Casper WY may be the best option for their safety and welfare. 


Mobility and Orientation Issues

It’s typical for older adults to experience some difficulty navigating around the house. However, balance disorders and dizziness are more serious complications. Your loved one may want further assistance if they have problems standing up, sitting down, or moving around. Additionally, keep an eye out for any unusual bruises that can indicate unreported trips or falls.


Changes in Mood, Behavior, and Communication

People suffering from dementia frequently struggle to explain what they mean to those around them. Keep an eye out for persistent difficulty expressing oneself, doubt or bewilderment when executing routine tasks, and personality changes, such as a loss of interest in activities they once found enjoyable.



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