How Mountain Plaza Ensures Safe and Active Senior Living


Mountain Safe and Active Senior LivingThe golden years should be anything but a cause for distress, not just for our senior loved ones but for their families as well. One can’t help but worry over the safety of a senior family member living alone, with everyday items potentially posing risks, and fears of accidents or emergencies ringing all too real. This paints a clear picture of why senior living safety is of paramount importance, and why more families are opting to secure this protection for their loved ones.


Navigating a safe and independent lifestyle for a senior requires the elimination of fall risks found in their living environment. Narrow doorways, steep staircases, and shaky banisters do nothing but contribute to home safety hazards. But there’s more to avoiding a fall than just identifying and acknowledging physical and cognitive restrictions – staying active is key.


For those over the age of 60, the importance of daily mild to moderate physical activity cannot be overstressed. Simple forms of exercise, such as walking or stretching, not only helps in loosening stiff joints and muscles but also bolsters the immune system to ward off potential illnesses.


At Mountain Plaza Assisted Living, we don’t just provide our residents with a secure environment for senior living in Casper WY. We also ensure they enjoy a vibrant life filled with diverse activities and events that can keep them engaged and entertained. Weekly musical performances, daily chair exercises, educational presentations, arts and crafts, and games like Bingo, Mexican Train Dominoes, and UNO are just a few of the experiences our residents look forward to.


Backed by a dedicated and compassionate nursing staff available 24/7, Mountain Plaza delivers supportive care exclusive to our senior living community in Casper WY. This gives both our residents and their families the peace of mind they deserve, knowing that every morning greets them with a safe and welcoming environment catered to their unique needs.


At Mountain Plaza Assisted Living, our focus is on enriching our residents’ lives through engaging activities and delivering individualized care. Contact us today to discover what makes our community truly exceptional.