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The purpose of art therapy, which can involve a variety of artistic mediums, is to address problems with both mental and physical health while enhancing quality of life. Through creative endeavors, people can manage their stress while learning new skills and keeping up with old ones.


Fine motor skills, mood, and cognitive function are all positively affected by art therapy. Through sensory stimulation and the mental exercise of learning new art forms, art activities for seniors can help with the preservation of strong neural connections in the brain. These advantages reduce the rate of cognitive aging.


Many seniors find that art therapy helps them feel better. Working on artistic endeavors with others lessens feelings of isolation and worry. Group activities promote collaboration and give seniors a chance to mingle in a relaxed setting. Finished projects give seniors a sense of accomplishment and give them the chance to explore and grow in their self-expression.


Seniors who take part in art therapy projects can keep their fine motor skills. Art therapy has been shown to have a positive effect on the way arthritis pain is perceived in seniors because it diverts their attention away from painful, swollen joints.


Art therapy can also bring back past memories for people who are dealing with memory loss, leading to moments of clarity. Seniors frequently incorporate music into their art projects because music, in particular, seems to bring up long-forgotten memories.


Residents at Mountain Plaza Assisted Living have access to a year-round schedule of enjoyable events, including a variety of art therapy activities. 


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