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We post articles about issues important to seniors and their families.

Living for this Day
“We’ve never met, although you’ve seen me or someone like me… busy thinking about your day or your life, as you walk down the street. I’m not busy anymore. I live just down the street in a home I love.   My family played and laughed here.  We cried here.  My husband died here. I now live alone here.  The neighborhood has changed and many of my friends are gone.  The children are grown with busy and successful lives of their own.  I am proud of my once full life and how I have lived it; however, something is missing …”

It’s Happening! Dementia!
“It’s happening! Dementia! The parents who loved, nurtured, protected, and provided for me are slipping away. Where are they going? How do I help them? What do I say? Why do I feel as if they no longer love me? Maybe I SHOULD give them the car keys. Maybe I shouldn’t worry. Who comes first, my parents or my spouse and children? If only someone could help me! …”