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At Mountain Plaza Assisted Living, We are aware that diet and exercise are the tried-and-true methods for keeping our bodies in top condition as we age. Even though we have a tendency to slow down with age, it is still possible to lead healthy, active lives, albeit at a different pace. These are the best exercises and activities for seniors to stay healthy.



Gardening is a sensory experience that engages the senses through scent, texture, color, and sound. Seniors are encouraged to care for a garden collectively, which helps combat isolation and promotes socialization. Additionally, planting, pruning, weeding, and watering provide physical exercise.



Walking not only enhances mental health and is a great way to socialize, but it also lowers blood sugar, lowers pain levels, and improves heart health. It’s also simple to get started. Start with a leisurely 10-minute walk and gradually increase your time and pace if you want to become more active.


Jigsaw puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles are a complete brain workout because they require the use of both sides of your brain. While your left brain, or analytical side, tries to arrange each component logically, your right brain, or creative side, attempts to see the “big picture.” These connections improve our capacity for knowledge acquisition, comprehension, and memory. Jigsaw puzzles also benefit those who have dementia by keeping more brain regions active for longer, which slows the onset or progression of the disease.


Music and Art

Music and art provide a means of expression when words are insufficient. Art can help people with dementia who have difficulty communicating normally by stimulating memories and initiating conversations. Dancing to the music or playing an instrument such as a tambourine or drum are additional ways in which music therapy encourages senior citizens to move.


Chair Exercises

The risk of falling decreases as we age, so slow, measured stretches and strengthening poses help to improve balance. If your loved ones live in our senior living community, encourage them to sign up for one of our chair exercise classes if they haven’t already.



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